Friday, February 23, 2007


Today while I was home sick, watching the Food Network, I saw an ad that really caught my attention.

there's a shot of a homeless man apparently sleeping on a sidewalk.
"this is Jack Thomas. Today someone almost brought him something to eat. Someone else almost drove him to a shelter. Someone else almost brought him a warm blanket. And Jack almost made it through the night."

Then it flashes "don't almost give: give."

There are five other ads like this one, most of which end with "almost giving is the same as not giving at all." These are such interesting ads--I hope that they really do turn America into a Generous Nation. We have such need alongside such wealth, it's quite disgusting. We often think we can't do anything about it, but this ad shows that's not true. We may not be able to quickly change the systemic problems, but we can help individuals with a sandwich or a blanket.


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