Wednesday, April 25, 2007

JFK update

time arrived inside the airport at JFK from Richmond: 11.20
time connecting flight was supposed to leave: 1.20
time previous flight to Chicago left: 11.25
time I discovered connection was canceled: 11.21
time of flight I was rebooked on: 4.20
time that flight is currently delayed to: 8.30
arrival time, assuming flight actually goes when they say it will: 10.30
time of last shuttle bus from O'Hare to Crystal Lake: 10.00
time spent in JFK so far: 7 hours 6 minutes

teenagers arrived in airport for trip to Florida: about 100.
where they are hanging out: everywhere
number of teens seen with beer bottles: 5

bottles of water consumed: 2
quesadillas eaten: 1
milkshakes drunk: 1
pizzas smelled: 100000000002
phone calls made/taken: 4
number of times email checked: 200
power outlets found for computer: 0
complete books started and finished: 1
number of books in bookstore not already read by me: 7
number of quality books in bookstore not already read by me: 0
Dr. Peppers to be found in this airport: 0
dinner options: about 15

irritation level, on a scale of 1-10: 7.5

In random news, today is my baptism day. I was baptized on April 25 1999--8 years ago. and now I'm a pastor. what an interesting turn of events! that's all that's keeping me from raising my irritation level significantly. Because, you see, baptism anniversary means new outfit--which I am wearing, and it is cute. So there.

I must go check the screen again to see whether they've further delayed my flight. That would really make my day. I bet this wouldn't be happening if I'd bought the pope hat. Just saying.


  1. "number of quality books in bookstore not already read by me: 0"

    What, there isn't a good bodice ripper out there?


    Good luck!! (and congrats on the new outfit :)

  2. Fly the friendly skies....hope you are safe home now, Teri!

  3. should have bought the hat.
    Hope you are home safe and sound. Airport sounds borign and not nearly as exciting as ATL.
    Maybe you should get a clerical collar, big cross and a hat to wear on trips.