Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Five--comfort media

Kathryn writes over at RGBP:

It seems no matter how many new movies, tv shows or books come down the pike I still have my ol' stand by favorites that I can watch/read over and over and when I do they actually bring me comfort - like an old sweatshirt or a favorite food.

Today's Friday Five is an opportunity for you to list five of your favorite 'go-to' movies/tv shows/books. You can use images, links, explanations or netflix.

Well...let's see...five go-to movies, tv shows, books...

First, of course, is a movie I have probably seen 100+ times since it came out when I was 7 years old, and a book I've read probably two dozen times at least. I can quote the movie, word for word and sound for sound, from the myself. I love it. Oh, Princess Bride, you are fantastic.

Second would probably have to be Buffy/Angel. I can pull out an episode for almost any feeling or situation, and I've watched both series multiple times through.

Third I think is Pride and Prejudice--either the book or the BBC miniseries with Colin Firth. Because what about Colin Firth doesn't scream "comfort media"??? ;-) NOT the Keira Knightley movie, which was a wonderful art film but not Pride and Prejudice, in my opinion. But seriously, I love the story and the characters...

Fourth...hmm...Harry Potter movies. In particular I love rewatching the first and the 5th/6th movies. I love the first because I can remember the excitement of seeing Quidditch played on the big screen for the first time and how awesome that was, and also I just love the story of Harry discovering this whole hidden world. The latter two I like because of the way the storylines are played out. I also like to re-read the books, because the description is so engaging and yet the books are fast reads.

Fifth...Lamb and Good Omens. I realize these are not related books, nor are they written by the same author, but they are similar in some ways, and they are both books that make me laugh laugh laugh about religion and life and everything. I re-read them each at least once a year if not more, and I give them away to others in need of a chuckle. Hilarious!


  1. You know, I almost went back and added Princess Bride to mine. GREAT movie that stands up to time.

    Colin Firth's version of P&P is a recent addition to my own comfort list as well, thanks to revsongbird and others going on and on about it.

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Harry Potter is one of my favorites too. I think Lamb is one of the few books where I have laughed out loud.

    Well played.

  3. OK. I'm now convinced to watch Princess Bride the next time I see it on television reruns. Not sure I ever have seen it...and I am so excited about the upcoming Harry Potter!!! even if it is only half of the last book...

  4. I adore Lamb! I really should re-read that one! I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I have never seen The Princess Bride. I have heard wonderful things about it, so I will have to check it out! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I have loved The Princess Bride, too. I watched it with my high school boyfriend and we read the book (intriguing and entirely different). It was a go-to film for my college roommates and friends. For 5 or 6 years in and after college it was my church group's New Year's Eve tradition. A few years ago, my partner and I went and caught it when a local theater was showing it. So I do love it. But, I wonder, is anyone else bothered at all by the women (or lack thereof) in the movie. Buttercup is kind of insipid and not very bright. Carol Kane's Valerie "I'm not a witch; I'm your wife" is awesome, but is also a stereotype (noting every character is a stereotype, so that doesn't really bother me). I don't know. Maybe I just have to let that go on this one. It really is an awesome movie. I've just been wondering.