Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear Politicians...

...contrary to your apparent belief, you work for the country. Not just for those of us who live here now, not just those of us who voted for you, but for the country. And, because we live in a global society, working for our country also means thinking about the impact your decisions have on people around the world. This is not about you, this is about all of us together. That means that your job is to do things that will be in the best interest of the whole country in the long term. Not what will be best for you today, or your constituents today, or for your next election campaign.

So, if you wouldn't mind, put aside all your own crap, your ego, your ambition, and your pointless political posturing, and do your job. For all of us, and for our future.

In case you're too busy being interested only in your own gain and the "win" for your own ideological idiocy, I'll boil it down to one sentence. IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, SO STOP BEING DUMBASSES AND START GETTING SOME WORK DONE.

And for those of you who are claiming to be Christians...well, I have a lot of other words for you, but they all start with things you can find for yourself in the gospel according to Luke, or in the prophets (those are in the middle of that dusty book high up on your top book shelf...Amos is a good place to start, and is nice and short too).

You're welcome.


  1. Teri, looks like they took your advice, got to work, and came up with an unbelievably awful "compromise" that is fiscally stupid and morally bankrupt. Yay! Now that we have a "bipartisan" agreement let's all sing kumbaya and celebrate our unity in diversity. (Forgive the rant.)

  2. See, I wouldn't call that taking my advice. This "compromise" (in which one side got everything they wanted, the other side nothing) is all about them, not about the good of the whole country. ick. but now I suppose we have to figure out what to do going forward.