Monday, March 12, 2012

some tropical delicious for a strange spring day

Today, thanks to Door to Door Organics, I had a little Egypt flashback. When I first went to Egypt, one of the stranger and more wonderful things I encountered was the ubiquitous juice stand. You can always recognize it by the bags of fruit hanging out front, which will usually give you a clue about what's in season (and therefore what you can get). In the summer and early fall, mangos are in season.
Apparently in Peru, mangos are in season right now. my Door to Door Organics box last week were two delicious looking mangos. Now, every other time I've had mangos in the US they have been beyond disappointing. In fact, when I went to Egypt, I thought I didn't like them! But one slice into one of these mangos (after removing the Peru sticker) told me this was the real deal.

So...I had one of my favorite things: mango juice! I popped the flesh of the two mangos into a cup, put in some water, and whipped out the immersion blender...soon I was transported to one of the best parts of that year (the food!). :-) 16 ounces of fresh mango juice...unfortunately sans the fun juice man and his jokes (which are probably much funnier if your Arabic is better than mine ever was!)
Definitely a good thing on a day filled with some of my least favorite things: lightning, thunder, and rain. It's like sun in a cup!

And healthy too!


  1. My mango story: When I was five, we moved to Hawaii. Shortly thereafter we discovered that my mother is very allergic to the oils in the skins of mangos, just the skins, she can eat the fruit with no trouble at all. Her hands swelled up so much they had to cut her wedding ring off.

  2. oh my goodness Meghan!! I actually read somewhere that that kind of allergy (to the skin but not the flesh of mangos) is surprisingly common. the website said to wear gloves while cutting the mango. I thought "how odd, I don't know anyone like that!" but now I do. crazy. At least she can still eat their goodness, but that must have been so so scary!

  3. Yum, mango juice! My second born kid came home from Puerto Rico this past summer and declared that mango juice was his new favorite.