Monday, October 08, 2012

plans purr-rupted

I had every intention of getting up to work out this morning, as I do every morning. Most morning I actually manage it, too. But this morning, just as the alarm went off, Ollie curled up on my chest and started purring. Pretty soon Andrew was on the pillow, purring. And I decided that it would be just as good for my mental health to pet the kitties as it would to workout. (imagine it's a mini-sabbath!) So instead of a morning spent doing jumping jacks and pushups and whatever other torture Jillian Michaels has made up, I spent my morning looking at this:


  1. Well, who could turn that love time down? Good for your health, no doubt.

  2. Aww. Such beautiful cats. (Note to self: we can't get a cat, we can't get a cat... but they're so cute!) Definitely good for your mental health!