Tuesday, June 29, 2010

conflict style and stuff

Back in January we had the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center out at RCLPC to do a weekend workshop for the leadership about Transforming Conflict. We took these conflict style inventories and were issued name tags with different colors on them so that we could easily identify the people with various communication and conflict styles.

We haven't done a stellar job implementing or practicing our knowledge gained from that workshop, though I think we've tried a little. I'm hopeful we can continue practicing those skills, and maybe even have LMPS out again for more training.

In the meantime, this morning at the Young Clergy Women Conference we are discussing our conflict styles, and I'm reminded of that earlier workshop. We've been talking about the difference between collaboration and negotiation, the pros and cons of avoiding/accommodating and of persuasion or support...and we've just ended with a discussion of the levels of conflict escalation and how we can work in each of those levels to help people manage conflicts in healthy and appropriate ways. Good discussion....

Now if only I could remember the animals that LMPC assigned to each style, I could seriously add something to this discussion. (So far we've had mention of She-Ra and of raccoons falling through ceilings...)

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