Friday, July 02, 2010

after the official conference...

...comes the unofficial conference. The one where we read, write, talk, send stuff back and forth, write more, talk more, and drink some wine to go with all that. The one where smaller groups of us go out for dinner and talk about life, how we'll transition back to the places we live and work (where there aren't many of us to be found to share a glass of wine!). Last night a group of 5 young clergy women from different traditions and different parts of the country gathered for dinner at Woodfire Grill (where the chef is that guy from Top Chef). We enjoyed an evening in a private room, laughing, telling stories, drinking some wine, and eating incredible food. We talked about ways to continue our fellowship and support of one another as we return home...and about perhaps having a little "retreat" that will just happen to coincide with my 30th birthday. :-) We had a serious church-dork moment in which we moved, seconded, discussed, and voted on becoming a covenant/affinity group...and even appointed someone to see if there's any way to get financial support for this fabulous group. We called ourselves "Wine and the Word"--suitably vague that we can cover fellowship, sacraments, writing, reading, and scripture all at once. :-)

Now Amy and I are working on our book proposal--we are very close to being ready to submit! :-) Thank goodness for Java Monkey (and their free wireless), for laptop computers, for good friends, and for the opportunity to gather with such fabulous people who inspire and challenge and covenant to support.

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