Monday, April 30, 2012

dear internets...'s not that I don't love you.

Quite the opposite.

I love you too much, and that means that I do not get enough work done.

And by "not enough work" I mean the three enormous writing projects that are all due in the next 3 weeks. Some of them in the next 4 days. One of them in the next 18 hours.
(which is to say: my regular job gets done just fine. It's the stuff I need to do in addition to all that I'm finding difficult! not to mention that I haven't washed any dishes in a week, nor exercised for several weeks...)

SO: don't take my absence the wrong way. It's just that I have to do a lot of writing, and you are so seductive with your pictures, your interesting articles, your funnies, your pithy sayings. The little blue twitter bird and the red facebook notification bubble are so seductive that I can't help myself. Therefore, I'm going to have to turn you off for a bit. I'll be back, though....I couldn't stay away if I tried.


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