Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ten on tuesday

okay, so it's barely still tuesday, but whatever. in no particular order, 10 things.

1. I am working on two writing projects and one presentation, plus of course my regular job. One writing project requires me to say whatever I have to say in 500 words or less. The other writing project requires me to write nearly 5000 words on a single topic. I would dearly love a writing project that has a word requirement somewhere in between.
this is what I do now, everywhere I go, even on vacation in Sonoma

2. I am a bad cat mom. Sunday morning I ran out of cat food but forgot to go to the store...Sunday night/Monday morning I had two hungry cat-monsters. I gave them some wet food I had on hand, but on their apparently very empty stomachs that just led to cat vomiting. gross.

3. I am grateful for my friend Elizabeth's newfound lack of carpeting, which led to her SpotBot coming to live at my house. It makes cleaning up the evidence of bad cat mothering much easier.

4. We had a very awesome Earth Day at church, and I so love our music ministry and the ways they can really pull everything together.

5. Since I have these two writing projects and a presentation all coming up in the next 4 weeks, naturally I have been spending time making arrangements for an event that is 3 months away. Because that event is a trip to Scotland, and sometimes a girl just needs to put some hard numbers to the daydreams.

6. I got parsnips in my box from Door-to-Door Organics last week. I still have no idea what to do with those. Suggestions welcome.

7. I have about a dozen books to read, but am putting them all off until the big writing projects are done. Like a reward, sort of. I hope that works.

8. I have run out of ice cream. I don't know how it happened, but one day I had ice cream and the next day I didn't. Well, okay, I know how it happened (I ate the ice cream) but I'm not clear about how I allowed this situation to progress to the point of having no ice cream in the house at all. It's quite distressing.
this is how I feel about ice cream. you can see why I'm sad to not have any.

9. Good thing I have girl scout cookies, courtesy of every girl scout I know across the country. Thanks Grace, Iona, Abby, Anna, Lily, and Selam!

10. I asked the confirmation class this week what was exciting in their lives. They didn't have anything exciting, which I thought very strange. I usually feel like my life is pretty boring, but compared to theirs my life is a whirlwind of excitement!

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