Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Five: character swap

Over at RGBP, today's thought-provoking question is "What five characters would you switch places with for a day? I initially read this to mean characters in books, but can use plays, movies, comic strips, cartoons, anything you'd like. For bonus points, tell us WHY for each or some."


Winnie the Pooh.
Life's adventures always end well for Pooh and his friends. There may be a little light drama, but it's easily taken care of with a witticism or a snack or a nap or some help from friends. There's something so beautiful about that kind of simplicity, I would like to have some of that!

Adelia, the Mistress of the Art of Death.
She's a doctor who figures out mysteries using only the bodies left behind (she was trained as a coroner, essentially). It's the 12th century and she is an independent, educated, interesting woman who (mostly) does things her way. I would like just a portion of the knowledge and spunk she has!

Nell, in the forthcoming novel written by a friend.
Seriously awesome. Great sense of humor, wonderful in an adventure, quick-witted...and she does have some awesome adventures! (I can't give away more, because you will all seriously want to read the book.)

moving to television, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Of Course!).
Especially more mature Buffy, or Willow, near the end of the series, where she's learning about the realities of power and community.

and for a historical figure: Isabella d'Este.
As part of the Medici clan she was powerful and interested in art and music and culture. She was a mover and shaker in her day, patronizing major artists and setting trends that would endure. She also had some adventures that would normally have been frowned upon for women, and her understanding of marriage was much more modern than her time really allowed. She was spunky and a little spiteful while also gracious and excelling at hospitality...and thoroughly interesting.

And you? What five characters, books-movies-tv-history, would you like to trade places with for a day?


  1. Love this. I thought about Pooh, too. But I think I actually AM Pooh. :)

    thanks for the new one to look into, and the promise of another!

  2. Great list. Have a lovely holiday.

  3. I must find out more about Isabella. She sounds like a fascinating woman.

  4. oh, I LOVE your pic and the rest of your play, too! Happy September!!!

  5. Your friend's book sounds wonderful, based on her blog. Isabella sounds fascinating. I must check out Mistress of the Art of Death. Thinking of you this weekend.

  6. Ooo- people to explore! I'll look Adelia and Isabella up pronto! I'm so glad you like Nell enough to walk in her shoes (pause while I do a happy dance!)
    Nell would be a fav for me to swap places with as well... but maybe Emily of New Moon from L.M Montgomery's trilogy... Gerald Durrell (but only when he was a boy exploring the wildlife of Corfu) from My Family and Other Animals... Ce Nedra from the Belgariad... I'll have to dwell on my other choices! Buffy is definitely up there!