Monday, August 27, 2012


In our church there are women ranging in age from 8 weeks to 102.

Every one of these women has or will come of age with the ability to vote. Though the oldest among us grew up in the midst of the struggle, and may have voted for the first time amidst controversy.
this is one of the less offensive ads. distressing.

We women have been voting for 92 years. Before 92 years ago today, women not only had no say in our national life, but we also endured mocking, insults, abuse--verbal, physical, and printed. We can barely imagine now the ads saying that women are too feeble-minded, too hysterical (a word invented to describe women) for the responsibility of voting. (and for lots of other things too) It was considered not only normal but even expected to put women in their place, make decisions for them, insist they couldn't control themselves.

Maybe we haven't made as much progress as we'd thought.

But we do have one thing those women 93+ years ago didn't have:

We can vote.


  1. I remember voting for the first time when I was 18. In the ensuing 36 years, and 8 General Elections I have voted three times for the person who actually won. But, I voted. i am old enough to know it's a priviledge. (or, rather a hard earned right)