About Me

I'm Teri...I'm playing with the pages on my blog (I enjoy that Blogger now has this option!). I have fabulously curly hair and I love it, along with loving the Aveda products that help my hair look good every day. I am a vegetarian (and a farmer's market fanatic) because I don't believe in ingesting violence and because I believe in doing what I can to withdraw from abusive systems. I am cat-loving because, well, who wouldn't be if they saw my 2 lovely kitties (Ollie and Andrew)? I love pandas, and I have a membership at the San Diego Zoo even though I live 2,000 miles away from there. I am Presbyterian because I believe it's one of the best church systems out there. I am a pastor because God told me to be. I am a motherless daughter because sometimes life just sucks, and I love to cook because of my mom. I am a travel-lover--I've visited about 40 states and 15 countries and I've lived in 4 of those states and 3 of those non-US countries. I am a friend (with the best friends ever!), a sister, a granddaughter, a niece, a cousin, and an aunt. I have a love-hate relationship with living alone and with living in community. I don't have TV but I do have streaming Netflix and a DVD player, and I love to watch Joss Whedon shows, Glee, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Jon Stewart, and seriously random other stuff. I love my Wii, especially the penguin slide game on Wii Fit. I write because I have things to say, whether anyone chooses to read/listen or not. I sometimes make up words even though I read the dictionary for fun when I was growing up. I read more than most people, and even though I don't always feel like I have time I suspect I think more than most people too...and I do love a little snark. :-)