Monday, March 10, 2003's sunny out and i am doing homework outside. here's the scoop on the week--just so you know why you may not be hearing much from me until after thursday....
for tomorrow: I Samuel 12 for class.
Thursday: paper on II Samuel 13.1-6. Preach on Acts 8.26-40.
Friday: once I get out of class, relax, nap, eat ice cream.

actually....why don't we move ice cream to EVERY day of the week? why only ice cream wednesday? (or ice cream thursday, as we have here at columbia--the 'tory has ice cream on thursdays at dinner.) I think there should be a move to make EVERY day ice cream _______day...especially during lent. forget this whole "giving up" things like ice cream. does giving up ice cream bring you closer to God? not me--it just makes me bitter. Ditto on the giving up of caffeine. So instead we are going to eat ice cream every day, have as much coffee as you want, and just pay attention to God, since God is always paying attention to you.

Off the soapbox now....

back to the hebrew.
and eventually the sermon.

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