Saturday, September 13, 2003


it's friday. and the last post was on tuesday. i'm a slacker. what has been going on?

well...jenny my college roommate is getting married. classes are going. the internship hasn't started. i've been tired. the "fish" is living in my room (amy's allergic to her) and she (the fish) likes to wake me up by biting my 7am. which would be ok if i needed to get up then, but i don't. and it would be ok if she didn't do it when i was trying to go to sleep too, but she does.

so what exactly is it about me that is so tasty to animals? Ollie likes to bite my arm and hand. mosquitoes bite me every time they come near. i probably get bitten by spiders in my sleep. I forever have random bug bites on my arms and legs, and sometimes my back. do i understand? no. i've learned that mosquitoes are attracted to blue, and that bananas (even after you eat them...something about the vitamins and your blood..) attract them too... well, i don't eat bananas (they're nasty), but almost my whole wardrobe is blue. hmm. but that doesn't explain the cat and her attraction to my skin. explain!

there was supposed to be yoga tonight but the yard sale is currently in the living room (it is tomorrow morning) so i don't know how yoga can happen. hmm.

i think i should go home soon, play with my fish, and go to bed early so i can get up and help noell. oh..yay...

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