Thursday, March 04, 2004


Thanks bunches to (anonymous to everyone else but not to me) C.O.V. member.

btw: I have now played the clarinet three times in three days. apparently i'm going to play in church next week: just two of the 6 studies in english folk song, but playing nonetheless. i don't sound as horrible as i expected. my standards must have been lowered by 18 months away from the instrument.

It's weird to be playing again--and I don't think I'll keep it up because, frankly, it makes my arm hurt. anyone ever wondered why their arm hurts? no...well...mine hasn't since i quit, but now it does again.

in addition, i have a new scar on my lip, and i hate that feeling.

anyway. there you go. i've been playing the clarinet. it's weird.

thanks again COV #1!!

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