Wednesday, August 04, 2004


this is a totally random post. sorry.

I got my car back yesterday. I love my car, but I'm kind of sad because I really loved Mandy's car too. It was new and drove beautifully and had remote entry, including the ability to open both of the sliding doors with a button on the keychain. cool. It was, for anyone who's interested, a 2002 Honda Odyssey.

I went to the store yesterday. Then Jason and I proceeded to cook dinner. yay dinner! It didn't come from a restaurant, it wasn't sketchy summer camp food, it was food made by me and it was good. mmm...portobella mushroom risotto and salad. yum. For those looking for a good cookbook for veggie meals fast, I highly recommend Rachael Ray's Veggie Meals. But watch out because she apparently doesn't think anchovies count as meat, so she lists them in ingredients sometimes. Newsflash: they are fish. Fish are meat. Therefore, anchovies: not veggie friendly. But you can leave them out. It's just caesar dressing. lol.

I finished Queen Bees and Wannabees today. It was a very good book and I highly recommend it.

I have a long list of things to do today. How irritating. I would much rather go to the beach or something--have some time off, a vacation, or anything, really. anything not involving stuff I have to do, that is. ;-)

I still can't find my Iona Abbey Worship Book. sad.

I am uploading photos from the youth mission trip as I write this. They will be in my Yahoo photo albums--which you can access from the link to the left. enjoy!

I'm not feeling terribly amusing today, for which I apologize. I haven't seen much of interest between home and church, and I haven't gotten out to do anything else yet today. you'll have to be amused with something else for the time being, I suppose. But please check back. thanks!

Happy Wednesday to all!!

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