Monday, December 06, 2004


i have tickets for them. yay!

Jason and I are going to visit my parents for Christmas. I'm excited. I wasn't planning on going home this year, but now obviously I am going to. We will fly away from Atlanta on Christmas Eve and come back on Wednesday morning after Christmas. We are even going to go all the way to Yakima, which involves a very small plane that Amy would be very afraid of. Here's a picture. Good thing it's just the two of us super brave small-plane types. oh wait, not really super brave. well, whatever. we'll live. In other news, it will be cold there and Jason's never experienced anything of northern winter. I told him to break out the real coat. On the other hand, it's looking pretty much like here at the moment--40-50 degrees and raining. Hopefully by Christmas there will be enough snow for a snowman or a snowball fight or a snowangel or something snowy at least. :-)

now I have many things to do before the end of school so I must go. goodbye.

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