Thursday, March 31, 2005

spring break

it's close. reallyclose. I'm going home on sunday--yay! i'll be sad to not see jason for a week, but i suspect we'll both live through it. ;-)
The seminary prom is approaching. woohoo! I'll be sure to post pics afterward, if I remember my camera.
graduation is now 6 weeks, 2 days, and 14 hours away.
I think I might add a graduation countdown to my blog. or maybe just mention it in EVERY post. :-)
now that easter is over my life may return to normal, as in overworked student/pastor normal, not regular person normal, but still. hopefully it will be better.
I got a really bad sunburn today while having class outside. Perhaps I'll take pictures of that and upload them. I recently turned into a techno-dork with one of those USB storage things that goes on your keychain--mine's called a "jump drive". it's very cool. It stores as much as 173 floppy disks. however, the computers at church don't recognize it because they're too old. grr.
i'm going home to eat dinner now.

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