Tuesday, August 02, 2005

because Calvin is not attractive...

I've decided (with some mildly bitter prompting from patrick) to update my blog. here's what's going on in my life, and possibly some commentary on world events (if i have time before lunch).

1. i've continued the packing. it's moving along. slowly.
2. i've bought egypt-appropriate clothes. and sorted my other clothes into taking, storing, and donating.
3. i've interrupted my reading of the required books to re-read Blue Like Jazz.
4. i've spent all the money i have, and then some.
5. the "president" made a recess appointment of john bolton, which wasn't very smart. duh.
6. the king of saudi arabia died and the new king is young, reform-minded, supposedly, and i think he's western educated but i can't remember. i'm having some trouble keeping the royal families of saudi arabia and jordan distinct in my mind.
7. i'm preaching this sunday, on Peter walking on the water. (Matthew 14.22-33)
8. i got my shots for egypt yesterday. they were (still are) very painful and also very expensive. good thing i get reimbursed for those.
9. my mom is still sick.
10. my cousin max weighs over seven pounds now--he's about the size of a real baby!
11. i'm trying to figure out if we really can drive 38 hours and 32 minutes in three days without falling asleep and getting ourselves (and others) killed.
12. i haven't made the bulletin for this sunday yet. it's communion sunday, too. the only thing i know (beyond the text, obviously) is that we're going to sing "The King of Love My Shepherd Is" (Psalm 23 to ST. COLUMBA, i think it's number 181 or 151 or something like that in the hymnal, but i'm not looking at a hymnal right now so i'm not sure).
13. i am very very very hungry right now. hopefully lunch will be very soon.
14. that's all for today. hopefully this post has pushed john calvin's not so attractive face down the page enough to make certain people happy. :-)

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