Monday, February 27, 2006

going vegan

today is the beginning of the Orthodox Lenten fast. All the Coptic Orthodox Christians are abstaining from animal products for the next 55 days--no meat, no fish, no dairy, etc. They are pretty hardcore about this. Luckily, the usual Egyptian foods don't have any of those things, so they can still eat the cheap food from the street vendors.

kind of puts the average american's "i gave up jelly beans, which i don't even like, for Lent" into perspective.

I haven't decided how to observe Lent yet...protestants in Egypt don't observe the liturgical seasons, and to do so is to basically declare yourself Orthodox so I have to be careful. I will definitely NOT fast like the Orthodox do, but there will probably be something. Maybe I'll actually go to worship in different churches or something. hmm....

but i'm still going to eat chocolate and stuff. so there!

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