Saturday, June 09, 2007


I don't like shopping at big department stores because I can never find what I want in a short period of time. Plus with Macy's taking over Marshall Field's I'm just bitter.

but this would make me want to go shopping in a department store...


  1. Yes, Macy's taking over Marshall Field's was just plain wrong. Oh, for a Frango mint right now!

  2. mmm, frango I miss thee!

  3. Marshall Field had one store in the Galleria in Houston, and that's all. It's now a Macy's, which had a much bigger presence.

    But I sure wish that one of the Macy's store here had an organ like that! Heck, I wish that organ was in one of the churches in our presbytery. Awesome!

  4. What? Macy's is taking over Marshal Fields? What are they going to do about those great chocolate mint things? Do you know what I'm talking about?

    Here in D.C., they took over Hecht's. It was a sad, sad, day when that happened.

  5. that's a past-tense on Macy's-Marshall Fields, sadly. at least here in chicago.

    I actually think they might be still selling Frango, but I'm not sure. I'll have to overcome my sadness and slight bitterness and actually go in the State Street store to find out...

  6. Here in Podunkville, IA, I know not what you speak of. For a serious splurge, I have JC Penney's, Von Maur, or Younkers. Otherwise, it's "Wallyworld," Target' Boutique, or Kmmmmmmart. But that organ, now that would be worth a trip!

  7. When I go to malls, I'm usually stuck in the area with the merry-go-round and Hello Kitty products.

    I'm just confused in department stores. There's too much. I would rather have fewer choices.

  8. Yes.
    Back to the whole big box shopping thing. I (maybe like you) seem to have stereotypically male shopping tendencies. I need a white shirt; I go into a stores that sells white shirts; I buy white shirt; I leave. None of this looking around/berry picking stuff.

    But yes, I'd happily shop in a Macy's like you mentioned.

    PS Thought of you and your Jack Lalanne juicer this morning as it's Jack's 92nd b-day.

  9. I dont have the likes of any of these, but one of our departmetn stores has a grnad piano being played at Christmas. Unfortunely, it is jsut he typcial Christams jingles and not the "REAL" Christmas music.
    I limit my clothign buys to two department stores, a SteinMart and the Thrift Stores. I love Thrift stores and produly sport my buys from them. Our best oen here is the Humane Society. Nice to knwo my $ goes to help kitties and doggies find new "forever" homes.
    Now, finally, T.
    You ahve been tagged. Come up with 8 random things about yourslef and post them.
    Go, to my blog first and read the "rules." And no, you dont ahve to follow the rules, you can make up your own. But do post us something!

  10. So sad, I do not knwo of Frango mints, but I am sure i would love them