Sunday, June 03, 2007


Okay, seriously, Angel is a pretty good show. The themes are good. They're real. The characters are authentic. The premise, of course, is sci-fi/fantasy, but the point is there. People struggle with black-and-white vs. shades-of-gray, good and evil, loss and grief, love and hate, work and personal life, balance and sabbath, grace and redemption and forgiveness and hope. It's good.

I've been watching it kind of obsessively for the last couple of weeks and I'm almost done. Just two more discs to go--7 more episodes.

Thank God for DVDs.

In other news: church picnic tomorrow. new worship schedule tomorrow. 3 Little Pigs children's time tomorrow (somehow). pre-wedding meeting with a couple tomorrow. More Angel tomorrow.

Hopefully, no rain tomorrow!


  1. Just got aroud nto readign your last post on the 3 Little Pigs "saga."
    I must say, you totally rock!
    I lvoe the way you figured that one out....dont knwo where you got the brick from, but you totally rock.
    I know i am prejudice sicne you attended my semianry, but you do rock!

  2. thanks!

    Strangely, there was a brick in the closet in my office when I got here. I've held on to it in hopes of finding a use...and there it was today! I just grabbed some twigs and some long leaves (from some kind of flower) from the woods before worship and all was excellent! :-)

  3. I just finished watching all of Angel the other day. My favorite line from the last episode:

    "Can you pick out the one word there you probably shouldn't have said?"

  4. that was an awesome line! I finished this morning...that last episode was good...