Wednesday, June 13, 2007

thinking about the phone

So, for some reason, over the last week or two I have had an inordinate number of things I wanted to call my mom about. Of course, I can't do that, and that's one of the worst parts of not having her anymore, but it's also weird because normally, these days anyway, I go through the day just fine without wanting to tell her about something. I don't know what set it off, but for some reason I've thought "I should call mom about that" a lot the last week or so.

I think it all started with Costco (where I haven't been in a while).

Did you know they sell organic pretty-much-everything now?

update: I went out to get my first box-o-veggies from the farm and as I was driving through the rolling country hills, I thought of where I grew up. Then, on my way back, I was going almost exactly the speed limit (55--which, for the first time ever, I think is too fast) and as I went over a little hill my stomach did that roller-coaster thing, and I really wanted to tell mom about how it was like the big"roller coaster hills" that are on the way to grandma's house. Those are awesome. We used to coast down, then let g-forces do their work as we hit the bottom and started up the next one. Scott and I would squeal with glee, seriously. I did a little squealing myself, yes with glee, as I returned from the farm...


  1. There is *nothing* wrong with talking to your Mother -- but you might want to be sure who else is listening. Oh, and you don't have to pay long distance or cell phone minutes!

    BTW, mine's been gone for 30 years; but sometimes I just have to talk to my Mom.

    Norman, OK

  2. Ok. I got tagged today to play a meme game on eight random things. And now I've tagged you. I hope you decide play, if so check out my blog for details. If not, I understand, these game things are not for every one.

  3. Terri -
    Yeah, I know about this desire/feeling...and yeah, go ahead and talk to her (but as elaine said, may want to do it in private or "in your head" if you are out in public!)

    WEIRD thing happened to me on the way to preach on Sunday -driving on 78W toward ATL, I passed a car - woman driver - who looked JUST LIKE MY MOTHER - from the profile - hair - glasses. She passed me (on the right, yet!)and I pulled up alongside again so I could get another look, w/o causing an accident of course. Just so random and out of the blue....have thought about it a lot this week.

  4. Sorry Teri (and others)...I'm not very aware, I guess.Congrats on the 1000th post--that's ALOT!
    How about develpong a meme we could all answer for your post?