Wednesday, June 06, 2007

self care

Normally Wednesday is sort of my self-care-in-the-workday day. Every other week I talk to my therapist on Wednesday at lunch time. I don't even have big huge issues staring me down right now, but it's just so nice to have an outside person to give me perspective on pastor life, you know? Plus sometimes old/underlying issues come up, not to mention the mom thing pops up every now and then (as it should...). On the other weeks, I usually just take a long lunch and grab a nap or a little reading time. Today, though, was pedicure-with-a-friend day! Emily and I went to her nail place and had pedicures, and now I have summery colored toenails and my feet are happy and soft and pampered, and I got to spend some time hanging out with a wonderful and interesting woman. That's a pretty good 90 minute lunch break!

I love my job and its flexibility that lets me do that mid-week....

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  1. Hey.
    I got a pedicure yesterday too! I went after work. My lunch tiem was spent with a church member who had wanted to do lunch for a while now. We are cweelbrating her recvery for ma serious illness last year.
    Anyhow, I now have a Jamicain colored orangey/ peach on mu toes.
    I love the pampering. I could use a little mroe foot massge though.
    I mena like 30 minutes of foot rubbing woudl do me good.