Thursday, August 21, 2008

big weekend!

it's a big weekend here...our biggest youth event of the year (well, besides youth sunday and summer trips) is this Saturday.  It's a huge secret and is taking lots of planning, but as soon as it's happened I'll blog about it!

Also I'm preaching again this week (week 2 of 4 in a row), and there's a luncheon in which high schoolers will tell their mission trip stories.  that too requires prep by me, the one with a Costco card.

Today's my mom's birthday--she would have been 50 today.  Happy Birthday mom!  I miss you so much.  Today my colleagues and I will eat Mexican food at a little hole in the wall place where they make everything from scratch, and we'll sing you happy birthday over ice cream from kaleidoscoops.  I hope you enjoy it.

Also, our internet is still down at church.  It's supposed to be back on today, but I hold out little hope.  Maybe next week....

so, it's busy.  sorry for the blog silence...back soon!


  1. my mom's birthday was last week. it's a strange day. i hope it's great. and now i want mexican food at 10 am. thinking of you.

  2. I'm glad you mentioned your mom's birthday....thinking of you.

  3. I didn't get to leave a comment the other day, but you have been on my mind. I hope today goes well.