Saturday, October 04, 2008

exodus visualized

I've been remiss in posting about our worship environment during our journey through exodus.  Better late than never I guess...I didn't get photos of the burning bush, but we set it up with red twigs (from a tree with red wood, I can't remember what kind), with red and gold fabrics in the bottom of the vase, in front of the communion table, and then on top of the table were many many candles, set up the way we often do for Taize.  It was gorgeous.  Then for the 10 commandments/kick-off sunday/communion sunday we had the woven piece (you'll see it again in the manna day photos) and of course all the communion stuff.  And then the rest is easily seen in photos...with the sinai in the background the whole time (and therefore the pulpit removed, all month long).

so we have the story of crossing the red sea/sea of reeds:

and we have the story of manna and quail:

And we have the story of water from a rock:

Can't wait to see what they've cooked up for World Communion Sunday!  I know the Sinai desert/mountains have gone, the "water" is safely stored away, and there's a world map tablecloth they're trying to figure out how to use.  Awesome.  Now if I would just get down to sermon writing....


  1. How do you make something like that happen? I would love to do something like that...

  2. We have a sub-committee of worship called "worship enhancement team". I tell them the theme or the basic idea of where worship is going and they come up with ideas. The stuff this month was mainly cooked up between me and the head of that team--we're trying to get people to think outside the stuff-that-hangs-up box and think about how we might use the table for richer symbolism. It seems to be working for now! :-)

    If you have the creative idea yourself, you may just need an okay from the worship team (although that's not how our teams function) and then you can do it yourself or with an artsy person in your congregation. In this case, Laura went and scouted watery fabric because we want a new water banner, and we used these two times as time to play around and see what we might like. And she had dead bird parts at home, so that was easy enough too...

  3. I think you should write this up (the process that is) for Fidelia's Sisters. So cool...

  4. Yes, cool and totally awesome!

  5. Some places have "arts and worship" teams or subcommittees of worship teams/committees who do this - others the energized one person - whatever it takes - it is so great. As a multiple-intelligence fan/learner - visuals/images really help enhance my worship experiences (as do songs and movement and drama - not all at once most of the time - overload CAN happen!).

    these photos are great - would love to see one of yesterday if you got one!