Tuesday, January 20, 2009

putting the past in the past, for real

Today our country steps forward, making an ex- out of a public official (at last).  We look forward with hope, with cautious optimism... (and some people with downright fear).  This week our congregation holds our annual meeting, reviewing last year's report and looking forward to next year via the budget, the mission statement, and the election of a Pastor Nominating Committee.  So, as we celebrate today with parties and parades and speeches, as we review and leave the past and step into the future, it occurs to me that it might be time to wrap up last year's loose ends on my blog.  So here goes....

On my way to Christmas Vacation in CA, I read two more books to round out the year:  The Last Wife of Henry VIII, and An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England.  The first was your standard princess book, and of course I loved it.  The second proclaimed that it was funny and witty, which I suppose it was.  What I missed while I was perusing the airport bookstore was the last review quoted on the back cover that said, "Darkly comic."  That seems more accurate--it was mildly depressing.  Although every time I try to summarize the book for someone, or tell them about it in any way, I do crack up laughing.  So maybe it was funny, but on the plane it was depressing.  Who knows.

Anyway, that brings my total of 2008 books to 62.  I have a feeling that I'm forgetting at least one, but nonetheless that's pretty good.  I think I'll be keeping track this year too, and since I've already read 2 books this year I should probably get on that.

Is there any other business I need to clean up/tie up/etc before we move forward to the new year in earnest?  I thought I had two or three things, but I seem to have forgotten them while looking up the links for those two books.  hmm....

Does anyone know how to save my link list as another page?  Does blogger have other pages?  Or should I just transfer the whole list into one post and start again for 2009?

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