Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It turns out I am a lame blogger.  This is almost turning into a sermon blog rather than a normal blog.  Sorry about that.  Between busy-ness, traveling, people visiting, lots of work to do, and some unbloggables, I either don't have much to say or don't have time to say it!

So, let's see....Amy came to visit.  That was awesome.  We hung out, did nothing, went bowling, ate, etc.  My dad came to visit--also good.  We went to the live taping of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (super fun!), the Rite of Spring at the Joffrey Ballet (totally awesome), the Art Institute (the Munch exhibit is very good), and Abduction from the Seraglio at the Lyric Opera (excellent).  We also ate a lot (dad had sushi for very nearly the first time!) and we even did a little lounging around and some furniture shopping (no furniture purchased as of yet, however).  Dad also painted the trim on my new windows, so yay!

I've been reading quite a bit (not as much as I might like, but some).  I haven't removed my 2008 list yet and haven't started the 2009 list, which is very bad as I've likely forgotten what I read so far, but here's what I remember.

First Man in Rome (Masters of Rome series, book 1) (Colleen McCullough)
The Grass Crown (Masters of Rome series, book 2)
Fortune's Favorites (Masters of Rome series, book 3 (not quite finished...))
Twilight, all four books (again) (Stephenie Meyer)
A New Church for a New World (John Buchanan)
Chocolate for Lent (Hilary Brand)
something else I can't remember already....

I have also been watching Dollhouse, a new show by Joss Whedon (maker of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible) and friends, Friday nights on Fox.  I hardly ever watch it at the time it's on, since I don't have TV.  I visit my friend Elizabeth, who has Tivo, and we watch it at our leisure!  It's getting better and better and I'm intrigued by things that are happening, I want to know more, I want some questions answered.  I am also disturbed by the premise, which is basically a super-secret, super-expensive, super-high-tech brothel/human trafficking venture.  It's pretty good--I recommend.

Church is humming along.  We have an AWESOME new mission statement, we have a very catchy song written by a member inspired by the mission statement, we have things and things and more things happening.  My Shema Circle group is exploring Praying in Color this month, as well as assessing our spiritual gifts, vocation, etc.  

In cat land, I got a Furminator.  Furminating the cats is a very exciting activity around here these days, with whole cats worth of fur ending up in the trash.  Here's hoping for a reduction in the amount of vacuuming needed.

I think that pretty much covers my life at the moment.  I'll try to blog like a normal person in the future....


  1. Glad it warmed up enough to get your new windows, that you still are reading like a reading machine, eating sushi and writing faithful sermons. Have been contemplating getting both dog and cat Furmintors - sounds like you are finding them worth it. Hmmm...what about the toaster oven??


  2. no toaster oven yet, still contemplating. any recommendations?

    Love the furminator. I think you could possibly use the same one on cat and dog unless the size is a problem... :-)