Sunday, February 28, 2010

asking for help

Yesterday I was sick. Very sick. Something I ate at the lock-in didn't really work for me and my body...umm...rejected it. strongly.

I felt icky and I was shaky and weak and dizzy and cold and dehydrated (and apparently very pale).

BUT: I had a lock-in to finish and a mission project to lead, so I had to stick around another 4 hours.

Enter two people who came to my rescue and allowed me to supervise from the couch, because they did all the real essence doing my job for me, empowering youth and supervising painting and moving stuff and directing/correcting/helping. They did this in essence without being asked--they sort of looked at me and decided to stick around to help. They are amazing!

Then enter two more people, people I called for help. I don't know that I've really called for help, at least like this, in a long time. All you mom-types out there will be glad to know that instead of just wishing for my mom but doing everything for myself (even if whining about it), I actually picked up the phone. What with the shaky/dizzy/inability-to-keep-my-eyes open thing, I figured driving home was a bad plan. So I called someone to drive me home and bring my car home too....and they did! While I was waiting for them to get there, I actually laid on the floor of my office and cried. Normally tears come with the throwing up, but this time they accompanied my breaking down enough to ask for help--and having that asking answered.

I got home safely (after the first words out of my knight in shining armor's mouth were "you look terrible!") and proceeded to sleep for almost 18 hours (in 3 hour segments, in between which I updated my facebook status, tried to drink water, and realized that I still couldn't hold my eyes open more than a few seconds at a time). That's right--I was in my bed from noon until 6.15am. crazy.

today I'm better.

Thanks to you people who helped me when I needed it--I appreciate you.


  1. As hard as it is to ask for help, I think you are a hero for doing it. You done good.

  2. I hope you are feeling better (and glad you asked for help, hard as that can be!)