Saturday, January 12, 2013

silence, part 2

I've been thinking more about this whole sore-throat-lost-voice thing.

One of the things that's weird about it is that I have no other symptoms.

One of the things that's probably not weird, in retrospect, is that I think I knew it was coming. On Wednesday I could already tell that my voice was not good, and that I should probably be resting it. Instead I pushed to participate in conversations in a variety of contexts, including some where I had to try harder in order to be heard.

In other words, I pushed past a limit my body was telling me I'd reached, and expected everything to be fine.

Unsurprisingly, everything's not fine.

I suppose there really is a lesson for my first week as a solo pastor in there: those limits are there for a reason. cross them at your peril. Listen to your body and your spirit. It's okay to stop, because doing everything now means being out of commission later.

You would think I would have learned that long before now, but apparently context is everything. :-)

Now I'm trying to figure out just what the lesson in here is where preaching is concerned. (I have some ideas.) Even as I pray desperately for my voice to return before tomorrow morning.

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