Friday, April 25, 2014

dear "Unknown"... matter how many times you call, or what time of day it is, I'm not going to answer. If you have blocked your number from caller ID, I assume there is a good reason for that--and that reason is that you are a telemarketer trying to trick people into talking to you.

So, if you're not that, then let your number be known. Or if there's a good reason you need to be "unknown" but you want to actually talk to me, leave a message. Repeated calling with no message can only mean one of two things: telemarketer or best friend (and the only reason the latter works is because i know she's called and will just call back, obv).

Please, Unknown, just give up. I'm never going to answer you. If you'd like to give me a million dollars, leave a message. Thanks.

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