Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five: Background Music!

It's been a zillion years since I played the Friday Five. As I sit here (in silence, incidentally), it seemed like a fun way to end my Friday afternoon.

Over at RGBP, Deb invites us to talk background music this week for our Friday Five.

1. At the office: If you have a choice, do you turn it up, turn it off, or drown it out with headphones? 
turn it off! I'm not good at having background music--I mostly find it distracting. I prefer to work in quiet and/or to eavesdrop on other people around. :-)
I will, however, admit that occasionally when I'm stuck on a sermon, I make a playlist of the songs we're singing on Sunday morning and play that for a while until I come up with something to say that ties it all together.

2. At the grocery store or mall: What song (or genre of music) makes you want to hurl? Or throw something? 
"christian" muzak makes my soul hurt. Please, businesses--just say no to the canned Kenny-G-sounding instrumental versions of "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and "Shine Jesus Shine."
(please note: there's nothing wrong with those songs, until they are played by someone attempting to be Kenny G, then turned into muzak.)

3. If you were going to create a “perfect playlist”, who are the artists (or songs/pieces) that you would include? 
It would be full of the Indigo Girls, Carrie Newcomer, and David Lamotte, with a smattering of Gungor, Mozart, and the BareNaked Ladies. 

4. Have you ever tried using recorded music in worship? If so, what was your plan, and how did it go over? 
I think there was one instance when we were using a piece that actually faded from recording to live...I would call that a disaster. Most of the times we've used recorded music has been for VBS songs (so, once a year, basically). I'm not opposed to it if there is a good reason for wanting to use music that can't be made live.

 5. When is the earliest you’ve heard Christmas music in the grocery store or mall? 
I'm sure I've complained about it and then blocked it from my memory, because I really can't recall. Probably in October, at least...

BONUS: “Weird Al Yankovich” has been releasing a stream of his parody music videos lately. Among my favorites: “Because I’m Tacky” :) If Weird Al was going to do a music video of your life, or a recent experience, what song/hymn/musical would the parody be based on?
Some days I think that song Ariel sings (in the Little Mermaid) about "I wanna be where the people are..." pretty much sums up my suburban-single experience. It would make a hilarious parody that might make me feel better about that situation, actually...

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