Monday, December 01, 2014

the best laid plans...

...sometimes have to be sacrificed for sleep.

I had a super profound blog post for today, I swear. But it will have to wait, because I've been fighting to stay awake for an hour already, so I'm about to take my super lame old-lady self to bed before 9...and before I fall asleep on the couch and wake up with a stiff neck and all the lights still on.

If I manage to keep blogging into December, then you can look for the post I think was going to be so profound. I'll mix it in with some kitty news and food pictures, so you can find it easily. ha.

happy last day of we slide headlong into winter, may your holiday season (whichever holiday you may celebrate) be bright. Especially since it's so dark outside.


  1. I appear to have observed November not by blogging every day but by not blogging at all (on my personal blog anyway, I have blogged weekly on my church blog). I have a post I want to write (for the last 3 weeks) but have not yet got it formulated

    1. lol! I know the feeling. In fact, that seems to have been how I have observed the last six months on my blog. nothing but sermons. So glad to have had a little push to blog 29/30ths of November. :-) Maybe I can keep it up. (we'll see....)