Thursday, May 30, 2002

I guess you should know some stuff about me. I'm Teri...I'm from the West Coast of the US (Washington parents live in the town where they grown Washington Apples. yep, apples. LOADS of them. nothing but apples and mexican food...) but I currently live in Chicago. I'll be moving to the Atlanta area at the end of the summer for school. I am VERY nearly done with a clarinet performance degree, and that's good! only a couple more weeks to go. yay! I have two parents, four grandparents, two great grandparents, some aunts, some uncles, two cousins, one brother, one cat (I share her with my family, really), and three fish (mom killed off two in the last two years!). They all live about 2000 miles or more from me. This is fine--we argue a lot less when we don't share space. That's enough for now, as I should be writing a paper, not the details of my life.

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