Friday, May 31, 2002

so. Tonight I played my last ever Wind Symphony concert. It was also the last time I ever have to play the Eb clarinet. yay! It was high, it was loud, it was fast, it was quiet, it was "emotionally distressing" (the piece was about the invasion of Prague in 1968), etc. It went well. And now it's over.
so. I'm in the pub, afterwards (my fave pub, GB). None of my usual Thursday night friends are there. I'm at the bar, I've just ordered a drink and I've been there all of, oh, three and a half minutes. Nolie (the bartender) comes over and says the guys across the bar have bought me a drink so he'll just get me another when I'm through. Excellent! I look over....there are three Yugoslavian (I found that part out later) men, about 50-65 years old, winking and making kissing noises at me across the bar. I smile, raise my glass, say thank you, and resume watching the wrap-up of the day's baseball games. The Mariners won today! As did the Cubs! excellent!
So...I got a free drink! Then...a guy comes over to talk to me. His name may or may not have been Rob. HE offers to buy me a drink too! oy! I had to turn him down, however. We had a chat...then Calum appeared and I watched him play pool for a while before going home at 1am, remembering that I have class at 8:30am. But it was a good evening! ;-)

This week coming up is full of "lasts". It will be my last week of undergraduate study, my last week of clarinet playing (in any serious manner, anyway), my last DePaul essays, etc. Just to warn you...I'll try not too be too nostalgic and whatnot.

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