Wednesday, February 05, 2003

have any of you heard about how much i love hebrew?

well, for just about ten minutes, forget all of that.

i say ten because it is verse ten of 1 Samuel 1 that is killing me. how many words of that verse do i recognize?
oh, right, 2. out of a lot.

on the bright side, it's sunny out, and i can always abandon the hebrew for the english or, better, for church history reading.

in other news, valentine's day is approaching. i hate valentine's day, because it is a thoroughly annoying holiday in which society's obnoxious couple-rewarding can continue, and people not in couples are cast out of said society. and besides that, it's all a made up "holiday" anyway--and st. valentine probably had nothing to do with candy hearts. but in case you want to send some christian candy hearts, i recommend this. and for all the rest of us people who do not want our self worth determined by hallmark, there is this to play with.
enjoy. and thanks to anna and her sister meg for providing us with hours of amusement to share with our single (and annoyingly coupled) friends.

happy ice cream wednesday!

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