Thursday, February 06, 2003

i might point out that, in spite of what the post below may assume, i am not single. the last time i was "single" on valentine's day was my freshman year of college (not that long ago, i promise...). however, the last two years i was in an international relationship and may as well have been single, for all intents and purposes of things like going out, etc. though i am not single, the "holiday" still annoys me because it a)trivializes something that is important to everyone individually, assuming that one has to have sentiments easily expressed in a hallmark card, and b) it essentially punishes people who are single, reinforcing the idea that no one is a whole person unless they are at least partially defined by someone else. that's crap.
that's all for now. just remember: your identity doesn't come from someone else.
end of diatribe. today.

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