Wednesday, May 07, 2003

ok, i have slept. i have also done some homework.
i have had the LAST EVER day of Eucharist class. Thank goodness!
tomorrow is the last day of Hebrew exegesis and the last day of preaching.
Friday is the last day of worship class and of church history.
Then all I have to do is write a paper on the Doctrine of the Incarnation and take a Church History final exam. on friday of next week.
Then i am done, free! until 30 June, at which point i will be fettered by Greek school, every morning at 8:30. fun.

it is humid outside.
but not hot.
very bizarre.
apparently thunderstorms are normal for this place during the summer. that's not cool. i am afraid of lightning and thunder--i prefer to live without it. i don't like rain either, but if it's going to rain then PLEASE no thunder. thank you.


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