Friday, August 01, 2003

what? who's bitter? i don't see anyone here who would be bitter about the changing of a syllabus halfway through a class to include an unknown number of quizzes in spite of the fact that the course requirements state that there will be seven quizzes.
no, no one here.

in other news, i was reading (during the road trip, a long time ago now) that prolonged exposure to used motor oil has caused cancer in laboratory animals.
the question is: what animals? how long was the prolonged exposure? how used was the motor oil? was it 10-30 or 5-30 or some other set of useless numbers? and why would you do that to animals?

apparently similar results occur with fuel fumes.

here are the "principal parts of excruciatingly common verbs" that I know. in transliteration...since i don't have greek characters on this computer and you prolly don't either:

really really well known by me:
erxomai (eleusomai, aylthon, elaylutha)
esthio (phagomai, ephagon)
dunamai (dunaysomai, skip, skip, skip, aydunathayn)

known, kind of, well...maybe...hopefully...well, at least for now but tomorrow may be a totally different story:
ginomai (genaysomai, egenomayn, gegona, gegenaymai, egenaythayn)
phero (oyso, aynegka, enaynoxa, enaynegmai, anexthayn)

definitely not known, but hopefully will be by tomorrow morning at 9:
baino (baysomai, ebayn, bebayka)
pipto (pesoumai, epeson, peptoka)
lambano (laympsomai, elabon, eilaypha, eilaymmai, elaymphayn)

hmm. perhaps i should be studying?

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