Sunday, August 17, 2003

ok, so, the power's been out in the northeast for a while now...

why is there still debate about the power grid and the energy bill?

In other news, mimosa saturday was waffles today. Too bad my waffle maker decided to be dumb and kept sticking....i had to make them with Noell's instead. still yummy, but not belgian.

i hate thunder.

we sorted the greek school into hogwarts houses today. that was thoroughly we're going to post the list on the wailing wall. hopefully it doesn't make anyone angry!

the family reunion is ending. i missed it. again. yippee!! i've never been. :-) it's been like 7 years. wow...

tomorrow i'm visiting Northminster Church. hopefully it is a possibility for an internship...i'll know more monday, and for sure by wednesday or thursday. oy. this whole SM210 deal is stressing me out.

greek is almost over, thank goodness. Just ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! no more paradigm charts to produce, no more principal parts to memorize...just a passage from John to translate in two hours, and it'll all be finished. woohoo!!

scrabble. more people should play it.

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