Sunday, October 05, 2003

oh, the excitement!

*well, it's world communion sunday. or it will be in 20 minutes or so. this is my first time doing communion at this church. yay!
*friendster is kind of fun but kind of weird. in other words, jury's still out.
*i'm preaching next week. on the rich man in Mark 10.17.
*i love my friends. except when they are molesting. then i do not love them as much.
*eggplant parmesan is very very good. kentucky fried chicken is not.
*spiders on my front door are really gross. but at least it's not on a web that blocks the door anymore. i guess.
*applesauce is very good. especially mom's.
*i need to be in bed now. more later, i promise. unless amy's computer continues to be dead, in which case you'll have to wait until i drag myself to the lab. (oh, as though i never ever go in there...)

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