Monday, October 27, 2003


I am one. sorry. i'm trying to be better, but at this point we're going to have to work one entry at a time.

in school news: midterms are over. i have a paper due this week. i now have four classes instead of only two...this is bad because i thought i would go crazy before! if anyone has tips on time management, i need them. especially if they do NOT involve making lists of things to check off, because that doesn't really work for me. and i get discouraged if i get behind on a schedule.

in church news: the young adult group is up and running. the youth group is busy...we raised over $175 at a bake sale this weekend, the lock in was a success and no one burned themselves while baking all the things we sold in the morning. next weekend is the middle school retreat, which is at the presbytery's retreat center about an hour away. bright and early saturday morning we will be going!

in self news: my birthday was excellent...thanks to all of you who wished me happy birthday, took me out to dinner, gave me fab gifts, etc. you know who you are. if you aren't one...well, wait...there aren't any of you who aren't. never mind. for my birthday dinner we went to cafe sunflower, which is a FAB veggie restaurant in buckhead. i will definitely be going back...and back...and back..... :-) Last night I had a date with a guy I met at the restaurant, and it went well. We'll see how this goes! it's exciting to meet people outside the seminary--because let me tell you it is hard work to meet people who are outside the seminary AND outside the church you go to. HARD.

In other news: it rained yesterday....people are going crazy....i got a lot of mail over the weekend, including my first issue of the Vegetarian Journal....I'm going to six flags for halloween....Joe Brown Highway, somewhere in North Carolina, should be avoided at all next road trip better include Jonesville VA's ice cream or the beach....the school computers should be killed for making my first edition of this entry go away...but not totally killed because then how would i get on the internet?....i'm hungry....i have to go now.....

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