Saturday, December 20, 2003


well, i'm "home" with my fam for the holidays. there's snow on the ground (some), it's kind of chilly, and i'm three time zones away from where i was this morning. the flight was LOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGG. on the bright side, we ate lunch at Georgio's, my fave sub place, and guess who was there?
you'll never guess.
Jay Buhner.
That's right. mariner's outfielder Jay Buhner. he was just sitting in a booth, eating a sub. i wish i had asked what kind it was. was cool. Very Cool.

Just a note re: the post below.
I like church. I really do. Leading worship is one of the coolest and most energizing things i do.
but the fact remains that when one is tired and facing the prospect of going to bed late and getting up early, it doesn't matter what's going on "tomorrow", all that matters is that it's too early and you want to sleep.
Just saying.
and, for the record, i got sick on Sunday and spent the week sniffling, coughing, and being generally miserable. Because apparently my body was tired of being pushed to its limits every single day and just wanted a break. too bad it wanted the break during finals week. bleah.

anyways, i'm safely home and am now seeking the recipe noell uses for balsamic vinegared-stuffed with something-portobello mushrooms. so i must go. ta.

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