Monday, December 29, 2003

top ten fab things about christmas 2003

10. learning to play the star wars XBox game with a five year old boy, at a frightfully lame adult Christmas party.
9. a new stuffed panda. name still TBD.
8. mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mom's enchiladas and homemade refried beans.
7. David Lamotte CD's, good movies, and the threat of stealing my cousin's Legolas poster.
6. Grandma's butterscotch brownies. Oh, those are so good.
5. FIVE GOOOLLLLLLDEEENNNN RINNNGSSS>......oh, wait, no. umm...five flavors of jelly bellys.
4. not telling the secret of mom's HUGE present for more than a week!
3. nearly telling my aunt that I hated her dog. Except I never even came close to saying that--she just wanted me to, of course, so she'd have a reason to be irritated. Except that once she asked me if I'd said it, I was like "no"...but in my head I thought "but yes!"
2. the look on my brother's face when he opened a gift full of scripture from major world religions.
1. A new preaching robe! By far the best present. beautiful. Everyone loves it. If they weren't so hot I'd wear it all the time, except around animals that might drool on it (aka dogs).

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