Thursday, September 30, 2004

yeah, yeah, yeah...

I know I suck at writing here. too bad. I'm busy.

Ords are over. final count: 2.5 pretty good, 1.5 questionable. So we'll see how that went--when the results come back in 6 weeks!!!

Classes, however, are distinctly not over. sadly.

I hate television. I just wanted to share that, because I am forced to watch television for one of my classes. This is terrible. I hate it. especially at night on a Tuesday. There is no good programming. There is no acting. There is nothing. television is futile. Worse: once you start watching, resistance to it is also futile. blah.

I actually thought of something I wanted to post here, but I've apparently forgotten it. It will come back to me, most likely at a time when I'm nowhere near a computer. If anyone remembers for me, please let me know, preferably by email so I will also remember while I am AT a computer. thanks.

happy almost-friday!

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