Friday, October 01, 2004

things i need

1. toilet paper for my house. not for the outside, you know, but for the inside. in the bathroom. which i guess is really "toilet paper for my bathrooms" except that that sounded kind of nasty. now i said it....oh well....
2. treats for my cat. that's how I keep her inside when i have to go out the door. i bribe her with treats.
3. an oil change (well, in the next week or so...). you know, every 3,000 miles or so. i will hit 3,000 in the next 7 days for sure. but where to get this done? and when? see #7.
4. an apartment. for living in. because soon i can't live where i currently live. but the apartment can't be too expensive because i'm kind of poor. but also not sketchy or tiny, please.
5. furniture for said apartment. preferably without actually buying any of said furniture. anyone have an extra bed, extra dresser, extra chairs, extra table, extra sofa, extra...well, anything furniture-like?
6. new black everyday-shoes. soon. and fashionably but not expensive. i like shoes that make grown-up sounds when i walk. but i also like shoes that don't, so when i'm late (or just walking around on hard floors (ie hallways) while classes are in session) i don't disturb the whole world with my grown-up-ness.
7. two more weekends per week. preferably without sundays. this should be obvious.

one might wonder what all these things have in common. I shall tell you, in case it really isn't obvious. I need them soon. I need them not to cost too much. particularly regarding 4 and 6, my options are running out if i don't get them. I suppose i could say that about number 1 too. Without these things, I'll be homeless, barefoot, and will really have to pee. none of this is good, particularly when one is trying to study for 5 classes with heavy reading loads, work as a youth director, and do work study hours, and have something of a life (you know, see my boyfriend, eat, talk to friends and family, etc).

just thought i'd let you know. :-)

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