Sunday, November 21, 2004

i love buffy

all i want for christmas is....

Buffy Season 1

They're all out on DVD as of this past tuesday.
my bro called season 1.
that leaves 6 seasons for the rest of you. Just saying. ;-)

Another Sunday is upon us. Another day of youth group. another day of no school, closely followed by the "oh crap, i didn't do nearly enough homework this weekend, where does all the time go, how is it possibly monday, can I have another four saturdays please?" feeling. Luckily three of my classes were cancelled for Tuesday, the one Wednesday class was cancelled, and thursday/friday are holidays, leaving me with monday and tuesday morning chapel, monday afternoon class, and tuesday morning class. maybe on monday between chapel and class i'll do laundry at school. and maybe i'll finally get around to vacuuming my room and grabbing my desk chair. who knows? maybe i'll even get productive and do homework or blog or something. or maybe i'll go to the bookstore and buy the "What would Buffy do?" book (a real book, I swear...). Then read it, of course. one never knows, does one?

well, i am going to leave the gym/cyber cafe now. happy sunday to all. :-)

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