Sunday, November 21, 2004


I have moved. Because so many of you are asking where, I'll tell you.

I have moved approximately 3 miles from where I was living this summer.
I have moved approximately 15 miles (25 minutes) from school.
I have moved approximately 2-ish miles from church.
I have moved approximately 10 miles from the hospital I hope to be working in during January and the summer.

I still live in Atlanta.
In fact, now I technically live in Atlanta.
I still live in DeKalb county, which is quite a feat in this weird county-line state.
I live in an apartment complex with gates. The gate phone rings my cell phone. How cool is that?
I live in a diverse community with African- Asian- Hispanic- and other- Americans. And probably some not Americans.
I live in a complex with children who play in the parking lots, grass, and playgrounds.
I live in an apartment complex with a gym and two pools.
I live in an apartment complex with 26 buildings--one for each letter of the alphabet. My letter is N.
My cat lives in the apartment with me. She is not allowed on the balcony.

Have I answered any questions?

Happy Sunday....

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