Tuesday, February 22, 2005


it rained SO much yesterday. AND I left my sunroof open when I went inside because, of course, it was sunny out when I went in. When I came out it was pouring rain, thundering and lightninging, and my car was very wet. I got a very wet behind from sitting in my driver's seat. It rained so hard I could barely see. Then it hailed so hard that I thought it would break windows in my car, or maybe my blasted sunroof that leaks anyway, thus making me NOT get any drier while I was in the car with the heat on in an attempt to dry the passenger seat before Jason got in it. Luckily, my car is not damaged. it was just scary. My windshield wipers could not even come close to moving fast enough to get the water off.
when we came back from dinner (long after the rain incident...it was no longer raining, in fact I could see the moon and the occasional star in spite of the light pollution) i stopped inside the gate to put my window up and to put my gatecard away (and, ok, to try to stop someone from sneaking in, but I always stop there to put my window up) and the person trying to sneak in behind me got cut off/hit by the gate arm. then he got angry and when he finally did sneak in he drove around and gave me a dirty look. it wasn't very nice. if he lives there he should have a card. since he was originally in line for the call box, i assume he does not live there. there's reason it's a gated community and a reason the arm comes down between each car. just saying.

today it is nice outside. however, i am going to go watch buffy (for church!). yay!

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